In a case stemming from a woman’s lung-cancer death, an appeals court Friday urged the Florida Supreme Court to look again at whether the state has a medical-malpractice insurance “crisis” that justifies limiting damages in certain lawsuits.

House Seeks To Revive Malpractice Caps

Mar 14, 2019
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A Florida House panel Wednesday backed a proposal that would cap damages in medical malpractice cases and, according to a sponsor, send a message to the state’s highest court. 

Florida Board of Medicine

The Florida Board of Medicine says a West Palm Beach surgeon has agreed to pay a $3,000 fine for removing a woman's healthy kidney that he thought was a tumor.

Florida Supreme Court

A divided Florida Supreme Court on Thursday ruled against an anesthesiologist in a Miami-Dade County medical-malpractice case involving a woman who died while undergoing surgery in 2009 for a tumor in her skull.

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In a legal dispute that focused on an accused doctor’s right to remain silent, an appeals court has upheld the license revocation of a South Florida physician who punctured internal organs of two patients while performing liposuction procedures.

A doctor who performed a badly botched abortion that caused a patient to bleed to death was characterized by prosecutors on Tuesday as careless, greedy and someone who operated far outside the medical norm.

Florida Supreme Court

A divided Florida Supreme Court on Thursday sided with the family of a child who had to undergo a kidney transplant in a medical-malpractice case that centered on questions about witness testimony.

A Navy wife says Naval Hospital Jacksonville left a portion of a needle in her spine when she gave birth there over a decade ago.

Medical Malpractice Dispute Heads to Supreme Court

Aug 25, 2017
Florida Supreme Court

The estate of a woman who died while undergoing surgery for a tumor in her skull will ask the Florida Supreme Court to take up a lawsuit against an anesthesiologist who evaluated her before surgery.

When appendicitis struck a young mother vacationing in St. Pete Beach eight years ago, she was rushed to Palms of Pasadena Hospital. There, Dr. Ernest Rehnke removed her appendix.

House Seeks To Cap Malpractice Awards

Jun 27, 2017

Last week, a jury awarded a Pennsylvania man $620,000 for pain and suffering in a medical malpractice lawsuit he filed against a surgeon who mistakenly removed his healthy testicle, leaving the painful, atrophied one intact.

Stethoscope and gavel against a white backdrop.
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Marla Dixon was in the final stage of labor and ready to deliver a baby boy when the obstetrician arrived at her bedside at North Shore Medical Center in Miami.

Dr. Ben Mac-Ryan Spivey, an Ocala dentist who was suspended and heavily fined in 2012 based on complaints from at least 10 patients, completed his probation only to find himself in trouble again.

Several women who are suing two Jacksonville plastic surgeons for botched breast implant surgeries are now accusing the doctors and implant manufacturer of fraud.

The women believe implant maker Allergan signed off on phony warranty claims by Doctors Mark and Loren Clayman.

Controversial Sarasota urologist Ronald E. Wheeler has withdrawn from an agreement that would have settled state charges of malpractice against him, according to the Department of Health.  

Justices Eye Constitutionality Of Malpractice Caps

Jun 10, 2016
Florida Supreme Court

More than a dozen years after a fierce political fight about the state's medical-malpractice laws, the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday heard arguments about the constitutionality of limits on damages in malpractice lawsuits.

The Florida Supreme Court will take up several cases that could reshape gambling, the death penalty and open carry laws in the state.  Justices will hear oral arguments this week, starting Tuesday.

A study by researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine says medical errors should rank as the third leading cause of death in the United States — and highlights how shortcomings in tracking vital statistics may hinder research and keep the problem out of the public eye.

Supreme Court: Malpractice Caps Arguments Set

Mar 22, 2016
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The Florida Supreme Court will hear arguments June 9 in a case about the constitutionality of medical-malpractice damage caps that the Legislature approved in 2003.

The court issued an order last week setting the argument date in an appeal filed by the North Broward Hospital District and other health providers.

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

A federal indictment blames Dr. Edward Neil Feldman for three prescription drug-related deaths, but medical examiners records link to him to more than a dozen drug overdose deaths, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Three administrative complaints alleging Feldman of malpractice are pending with the Florida Board of Medicine.

The death of a patient following a so-called “Brazilian butt lift” was caused by complications resulting from the surgery, according to the autopsy, the Miami Herald reports.

Lawmakers in the Florida Senate passed a handful of health related bills Tuesday morning, including: 


Wrestler Hulk Hogan is suing the Laser Spine Institute in Tampa, saying a series of surgeries he had there actually made his back problems worse, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

The state Supreme Court ruled that defendants in malpractice cases cannot question patients’ other doctors to get medical information that might help their case.