Lauren Book

Board of Medicine: Pelvic Exam Law Is For Women Only

Oct 15, 2020

A new state law aimed at protecting patients from unwanted pelvic exams does not apply to people who are “biologically male,” according to a state medical board.

The Florida Board of Medicine, which regulates physicians, issued an eight-page order designed to clarify the law, which prohibits health care practitioners and medical students from performing pelvic examinations on patients without written consent from the patients or the patients’ guardians.

Some Florida lawmakers are responding to the passage of Alabama’s new abortion law, which would ban  abortion in almost any circumstance and make providing the procedure a felony. State Senator Lauren Book, D-Plantation, released a statement yesterday in opposition to the law.

Plan Would Aid First Responders With PTSD

Jan 17, 2018
Christopher Hopfner / Flickr

A Senate panel on Tuesday gave the nod to a bill that would help first responders receive workers’ compensation insurance benefits for post-traumatic stress disorder without accompanying physical injuries.

For six years, the family nanny sexually abused Lauren Book. 

As a survivor, she has made it her mission to prevent other children from being abused. She's walking across the state for the fourth "Walk in My Shoes" campaign. It's a 1,500-mile journey that will end in Tallahassee, where she will press for a new law to help children who have been abused.