The hospitality industry is one of the largest key sectors of Florida’s economy, and was perhaps the earliest and hardest-hit by COVID-19’s disruption. One researcher who studies the industry says in the long haul, the demand shock caused by COVID-19 closures can be overcome.

Where alcohol is eschewed in most places of employment, it's a constant in restaurants. And the late night culture means that most socializing happens at bars after work hours. "We're an industry that's a little bit different," says Mickey Bakst, general manager of Charleston Grill in South Carolina. But this also means restaurant employees are at serious risk for problems with substance abuse.

Hotel magnate Harris Rosen says he has saved about $240 million over the past 24 years on employee health insurance by offering employees at his seven hotels a fully staffed clinic with low co-pays. See this Q & A with the Orlando Sentinel.