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Some states call them assisted living facilities; others, residential or personal care homes. These state-licensed facilities promise peace of mind for families whose elders require long-term care. In Vermont and elsewhere, investigations into these homes have revealed lax oversight, injuries and deaths.

Few understand the risks like June Kelly. Her mother, Marilyn Kelly, was energetic and loved to go fishing when she moved into Our House Too, a 13-bed facility that advertised its memory-care expertise. Over the next eight months, almost everything went wrong that could.

Emergency responders providing care to a patient in the back of an ambulance.
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A House committee on Thursday approved a bill that would carve out hospice services and treatment provided in hospital critical-care units or emergency rooms from a 2019 law that requires physicians to notify patients about non-opioid alternatives. 

Lawmakers Ready To Shift Regulatory Power To AHCA

Mar 18, 2019
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Lawmakers are poised to give the Agency for Health Care Administration complete rule-making authority over hospice care, assisted living facilities, adult family-care homes and adult day-care programs. 

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The state’s certificate-of-need regulatory law can, and should, go the way of the dinosaurs, the House sponsor of a repeal bill said. 

Gerald Chinchar, a Navy veteran who loves TV Westerns, isn't quite at the end of his life, but the end is probably not far away. The 77-year-old's medications fill a dresser drawer, and congestive heart failure puts him at high risk of emergency room visits and long hospital stays. He fell twice last year, shattering his hip and femur, and now gets around his San Diego home in a wheelchair.

Above all, Chinchar hopes to avoid another long stint in the hospital. He still likes to go watch his grandchildren's sporting events and play blackjack at the casino.

The House is advancing a measure making it easier for patients to access hospice care. 

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Compassionate Care Hospice in Lakeland can restart operations soon, as Gov. Rick Scott has signed a bill into law, reports the Ledger of Lakeland.

Hospice Seeks Stay In Dispute With AHCA

Mar 31, 2015
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Warning of potentially "devastating consequences," a Central Florida hospice firm Monday sought a stay from the 1st District Court of Appeal in a dispute with the Agency for Health Care Administration about the firm's license.

Compassionate Care Hospice of Central Florida Inc., which serves patients in Polk, Highlands and Hardee counties, was notified March 9 that its license had expired and that it would have to cease operations in the area.

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  A Lakeland hospice that didn’t renew its license in February will not have to shut down as the Agency for Health Care Administration had previously ordered, the Ledger of Lakeland reports.

ACHA lawyers had threatened fines and closure of Compassionate Care Hospice of Central Florida Inc., but backed off its demands at an emergency hearing Wednesday, according to the Ledger.

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More than a dozen groups are vying to win new hospice program contracts in Hillsborough and Pasco Counties, where state officials say they are lacking in end-of-life services, the Tampa Bay Times reports. 

Hospices Under Feds' Microscope

Jul 2, 2013
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Medicare’s huge false-billing lawsuit against Miami-based Vitas Healthcare signals that federal scrutiny of hospices is going strong behind the scenes – especially in Florida.