The Florida Legislature ended its 2013 session without making a move on expanding health care in the state. But that doesn't mean there won't be health insurance changes in Florida. Carol Gentry of Health News Florida talked with WUSF's Craig Kopp about what happens now. 


Florida is one of the places where you can lose out on a job offer if you’re a smoker. On the latest edition of Freakonomics Radio from NPR’s Marketplace, Stephen Dubner explains the implications of laws that allow employers to refuse to hire an applicant if they smoke. 


At his site Our Health Policy Matters, consultant Paul Gionfriddo lists the public health initiatives that have had the biggest impact during his lifetime.   

Miami Herald

As millions of baby boomers age, questions abound regarding their health and how to care for them, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports. As the Miami Herald points out, there may not be enough employees to provide in-home care for them.