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Scott Signs Bill Aimed At Unscrupulous Guardians

Mar 13, 2016
Thomas Bender / Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday signed a bill aimed at better protecting elderly Floridians from unscrupulous guardians.

Elder Protection Effort Heads To Scott

Feb 25, 2016
Florida Senate

The Florida House on Wednesday gave final approval to a proposal that would lead to increased oversight of professional guardians who manage the affairs of seniors. The House voted 115-2 to back the bill (SB 232), which earlier passed the Senate and is now ready to go to Gov. Rick Scott.

Governor Rick Scott recently signed bills aimed at changing Florida’s guardianship laws. One relates to helping the exploited elderly and another aims to help developmentally disabled kids aging out of Florida’s foster care system.

Guardianship Bills Racing The Clock

Apr 28, 2015
Flickr Creative Commons

As lawmakers enter the final days of the regular legislative session, they have not resolved proposals aimed at shielding older Floridians from predatory private guardians who take control of the seniors' assets.