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Genetic Information Proposal Ready For Senate Vote

11 hours ago

The Florida Senate is continuing to move a high-priority bill for House Speaker-designate Chris Sprowls that would ban life- and long-term care insurance companies from using genetic information to set policy rates. 

Incoming House Speaker Chris Sprowls said Thursday that a proposal to ban life insurers, disability insurers and long-term care insurers from tapping into customers’ genetic information is ahead of the curve.

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A University of Central Florida researcher has designed technology that allows him to study opioid overdose and the antidotes used to reverse it without human or animal testing. 

House Takes Tough Stance On Genetic Tests

Apr 12, 2019
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Amid privacy concerns and dramatic growth in genetic-testing products, the Florida House on Thursday passed a bill that would ban life-insurance and long-term care insurance companies from using genetic testing information in policy decisions. 

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A Senate committee on Monday approved a bill that would restrict life-insurance companies from using genetic testing information in making decisions about selling policies. 

Genetic Research Shows How Disease In Puppies Spread To Humans

Sep 28, 2018
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CSI-type genetic analysis has been used to solve medical mysteries in humans. Now a central Florida team of researchers are using genetic analysis to find the source of an epidemic in puppies.

Taking a genetic test in your 20s or 30s could, indeed, affect your ability to get long-term-care insurance later — or at least the price you'll pay. And people who are considering enrolling in Medicare after age 65 would do well to read the fine print of the sign-up rules. Readers have insurance questions on these topics this month, and we have answers:

Q: Can getting a genetic test interfere with being able to buy long-term-care insurance in the future? If you do get a plan, can the insurer drop you after you find out the results of a genetic test?

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Spit in a tube. Drop it in the mail.

In a few weeks, a genetic counselor calls you up with your results.

JScreen is a non-profit public health initiative dedicated to preventing Jewish genetic diseases. It is based at Emory University in Atlanta. For $149, the test will tell you if you are a carrier for more than 200 genetic diseases.

Florida lawmakers are looking to ensure genetic tests won’t affect eligibility for insurance coverage. The House Health and Human Services Committee unanimously passed a measure preventing insurance companies from using genetic information when making policy decisions.

In Florida, poop in the water is... a problem we all live with.