free and reduced lunch

How Widespread Is Child Food Insecurity In Orange County?

Mar 13, 2018
Crystal Chavez, WNFE

More children in the Orlando area are in need of a free hot meal. Food insecurity—not having reliable access to enough affordable, nutritious food stresses families living in poverty. To get a grasp on child hunger for our series marking Sunshine Week, 90.7’s Crystal Chavez took a look at the need for free and reduced lunch at Orange County Public Schools. She spoke to Morning Edition Host Nicole Darden Creston.

A new legislative proposal could require Florida schools to distribute free or reduce-price meal applications to all students, not just those in need. The bill applies to schools in the national school lunch program or the breakfast program.

When the latest “School Grades” were released last week, districts across the state scrambled to portray their results in the most favorable light possible: they focused on rules changes that led to a statewide drop in the proportion of A schools (Miami-Dade), or pointed out the number of schools that had held their A grade

Thousands of Summer Meals on the Way to Hungry Kids

Jun 7, 2016

Hundreds of people packed thousands of meals at Godby High School on Saturday (6/4). It was the fourth year for the "Full Summer" effort to feed hungry kids and their families over the summer months.

For many students in Florida, summer vacation means finally getting out of the classroom and away from tests and homework.  But for some, the Summer also means figuring out where the next meal will come from. Now there are efforts underway to address hunger in North Florida—especially at times when a major food program—the school—is no longer in session. 

For many students, summer spells out relaxation and vacation. However for some, summertime puts students in a bind. And for those who receive free or reduced-price lunch, school might be the only place they receive a guaranteed meal.