Florida Board of Pharmacy

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With proposed rules to expand the scope of practice for Florida pharmacists now published, attention has turned to carrying out another new law that will allow certain advanced practice registered nurses to have independent practices.

Pharmacy Board Moves Forward On Expanded Practice

Aug 27, 2020

Members of the state pharmacy board agreed Wednesday to remove heart failure from a list of chronic conditions that pharmacists would be authorized to treat in collaboration with physicians.

The decision came as the Florida Board of Pharmacy moved to carry out a new law that will expand the authority of pharmacists to treat patients. Pharmacists and physicians have wrangled about which conditions pharmacists should be able to treat.

Pharmacists Talks Continue Over Adding 'Heart Failure'

Aug 26, 2020
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Florida pharmacists and physicians continue to wrangle about medical treatment patients will be able to receive at pharmacies.

After nearly three hours of discussion Monday, members of the Florida Board of Pharmacy Rules Committee voted to add “heart failure” to a list of chronic conditions, enumerated in a proposed rule, that pharmacists could treat.

The full Board of Pharmacy will consider the proposed regulation at a meeting Wednesday.

Pharmacist-Physician Proposal Draws Renewed Debate

Aug 20, 2020
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After the state Legislature approved a law that expanded the types of health care that pharmacists can provide, a deal between physicians and pharmacists to fast-track collaborative practice arrangements might be unraveling.

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Members of the Florida Board of Pharmacy were told Monday that it shouldn’t take long to alter regulations for pharmacists to comply with a new law aimed at combating the opioid epidemic.

Board of Pharmacy counsel David Flynn told members of the board’s Legislative Committee that, given the board’s experience in past crackdowns on controlled substances, it shouldn’t take long for the Board of Pharmacy to revamp the regulations.

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A state pharmacy board on Monday criticized the Florida Legislature for not passing a bill that would have allowed Florida pharmacists to test and treat people for the flu and strep throat.

State Change Could Help Patients Get Pain Medications

Oct 8, 2015
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Reacting to pleas from desperate patients unable to get pain medications, the Florida Board of Pharmacy on Wednesday approved a rule change aimed at training pharmacists to change their mindset about prescriptions for controlled substances.

Pharmacy Panel Addresses Patient Problems

Oct 6, 2015

Acknowledging that it isn't a "magic button," a Florida Board of Pharmacy committee on Monday gave preliminary approval to an attempt at curbing the "pharmacy crawl" forced on patients who can't get their pain medications filled.

A Tampa pharmacist doing time for his role in a pill mill operation is trying to retain his license, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

Christopher Switlyk, who is serving five years in federal prison, has appealed sanctions from the Florida Board of Pharmacy and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which had excluded him from participating in federal programs such as Medicare for 20 years, the Times reports.

Pharmacists, Doctors Ignore Database

Jun 5, 2013

Only one-third of pharmacists and 10 percent of doctors are using Florida's prescription drug database, and that's a serious problem, federal officials told the state Board of Pharmacy on Tuesday.

A consumer member of the board has been working hard to get the board to require such a check, but he didn't get anywhere on Tuesday at the board's meeting in Miami.

Medical regulators have shown no enthusiasm for the requirement, either; during this year's session, Florida legislators squelched a bill that would have required both professions to use the database.

Pill Packs Could Trip Up Thieves

Jun 5, 2013

Banks have dye packs to track stolen cash. Drivers have LoJacks to track stolen cars. Now Florida authorities may get a gadget to track stolen pain pills.

Safety Questions Arise on Pharmacy Staffing Bill

Apr 19, 2013

The Florida House has passed a bill that makes a lot of pharmacists nervous. Patients might be, too, if they were aware of it.

The bill sharply raises the number of technicians who can be assigned to a single pharmacist for supervision, from a maximum of three to six.  And it takes away the Florida Board of Pharmacy’s power to keep the ratio below the limit in cases where it sees a risk.