egg donation


The Zika virus has changed how blood banks collect donations in Florida – and now it’s changing sperm and egg donations as well.

Health Effects Of Egg Donation Not Well Studied

Jun 21, 2016
Kaiser Health News

Maggie Eastman considers it the worst decision she ever made.

In 2003, beset by $30,000 in tuition debt and imbued with a burst of altruism, Eastman, a college senior, decided to donate her eggs to help an infertile couple have a baby. Over the next decade she donated nine more times, earning a total of about $20,000 — money that helped Eastman and her then-husband buy a house.

Justine Griffin, a young Sarasota Herald-Tribune reporter, decided to donate her eggs for altruistic reasons, in memory of a friend who died. But once Griffin got caught up in the process, she says, she found out “the doctors were there for my eggs and not for me.”