Last week, it was your editors at Goats and Soda who were the curious goats.

We published a story on the huge gap in health care dollars for young and old in the developing world. A study looked at the $36.4 billion allocated by development agencies and nonprofit donors and found that a major share goes to children under 5.

Late last month, Gov. Rick Scott trumpeted an announcement that Cancer Treatment Centers of America would be moving its headquarters to Boca Raton.  State and local taxpayers paid CTCA millions to move 225 jobs to Florida.

As part of their ongoing investigation into how much of charities’ money actually goes to charity, the Tampa Bay Times and the Center for Investigative Reporting have responded to reader requests to check out the Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation. What they found is another of America's “worst charities,” since little money actually goes for the purpose intended. The Indiana-based foundation spends more than 90 percent of its money on for-profit solicitation companies. 

Tampa Bay Times

The family of 2-year-old Ireland Nugent, the little girl whose legs were severed in a lawnmower accident, says Pastor Dennis Reid of Trinity Presbyterian Church has been holding about $120,000 in donations hostage. The medical bills are coming in, and the family needs the money, the Tampa Bay Times reports. 

Douglas R. Clifford / Tampa Bay Times

Part two of an investigation by the Tampa Bay Times and the Center for Investigative Reporting shows how easy it is for phony charities to rake in millions of dollars that were intended to help the sick or needy.  No agency regulates it, and penalties are barely a drop in the bucket for the professional telemarketers. 

Tampa Bay Times

The trustee that’s handling the Universal Health Care bankruptcy case says Dr. Akshay Desai illegally diverted $100,000 in company money to Wake Forest University as the insurer was crumbling, the Tampa Bay Times reports. 

Lactating women who have extra breast milk to share have a safe way to do it at a new “depot” that opened in Miami, which ships the milk to a plant in Texas to be pasteurized, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports. The milk bank is a non-profit.