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Some people spend $200 a month on the golf course or on a fancy cable TV package, says David Westbrook, a hospital executive in Kansas City, Mo. His splurge? He pays Dr. John Dunlap $133 a month for what he considers exceptional primary care.

"I have the resources to spend a little extra money on my health care to my primary care physician relationship," Westbrook says. "Because I have that access — and am very proactive in managing my personal health — I think I'm going to be healthier."

‘Direct Primary Care’ Could Expand To Dentists

Mar 28, 2019
Child receiving a mouth exam
Dave Buchwald

The House on Wednesday backed expanding a law that encourages the use of “direct primary care” agreements between patients and doctors. 

‘Direct Primary Care’ Could See Changes

Mar 15, 2019
Child receiving a mouth exam
Dave Buchwald

Lawmakers last year passed a bill that allows doctors, chiropractors and nurses to enter into primary-care arrangements with patients. The concept was dubbed “direct primary care.”

Now, the Legislature is revisiting the law and looking at adding dentists to the list of health care providers who can enter into the arrangements.

Under direct primary care, providers can collect monthly fees to offer services to patients and not run afoul of Florida’s insurance laws.

Florida Legislature
Florida House of Representatives

From opioid prescription limits to an agreement on the regulation of trauma centers, it was a busy year for health care issues in the Florida Legislature.

A bill that would allow physicians, chiropractors and group practices to sign “direct primary-care” agreements with patients without running amok of Florida’s insurance laws is on its way to Gov. Rick Scott.

The Senate voted unanimously Thursday to approve the measure (HB 37), sponsored by Rep. Danny Burgess, R-Zephyrhills, and Sen. Tom Lee, R-Thonotosassa. The House passed the bill in January by a 97-10 vote.

The Florida House is ready to take up two familiar healthcare reform measures Wednesday. Supporters say both bills will make care more accessible and more affordable. The plans face uphill battles in the Senate.

House Starts Moving Again On 'Direct Primary Care'

Nov 15, 2017

A House health care panel on Tuesday approved a bill backing “direct primary care” contracts that would allow physicians to bill patients and collect payments in advance of providing care without having to obtain an insurance license.

`Direct Primary Care' On The Move In Senate

Oct 25, 2017

After past efforts have gotten bogged down, the Florida Legislature may finally approve legislation that, according to Sen. Tom Lee, would provide concierge medicine to the masses.

Lawmakers To Again Consider `Direct Primary Care'

Aug 10, 2017

After the issue stalled in the Senate at the end of this spring's legislative session, lawmakers could take up a proposal in 2018 that would clear the way for doctors and patients to enter into “direct primary care” agreements.

Direct Primary Care Easily Passes House

Mar 31, 2017
Doctor providing information to an elderly couple.

The Florida House on Thursday overwhelmingly approved a bill that would clear the way for doctors and patients to enter into "direct primary care" agreements.

House, Senate Move Forward On ‘Direct Primary Care’

Mar 22, 2017

With backing from physician groups and small businesses, a Senate panel Tuesday approved allowing "direct primary care" agreements between doctors and patients.

Senate Backs Direct Primary Care Bill

Feb 22, 2017

A Senate committee Tuesday approved a measure that would clear the way for "direct primary care" agreements between doctors and patients — and raised the possibility of using such agreements in the Medicaid program.

House Ready To Move On Health Care Regulations

Feb 10, 2017

The House will begin moving forward next week with proposals to chip away at health-care regulations, including a plan to eliminate the controversial "certificate of need" process.

The Health Innovation Subcommittee on Wednesday is scheduled to take up a series of bills, including a measure (HB 7), filed by Rep. Alex Miller, R-Sarasota, that would eliminate certificates of need for hospitals, nursing homes and hospice facilities.

When Joe Morris had a heart attack last Easter and had to be rushed to the ER, it was the first time he’d been to the doctor in more than 40 years — since high school.

Back home in the small community of Neosho, Mo., Morris needed follow-up care to manage his heart disease and diabetes, but he didn’t have a doctor — or insurance.

A bill allowing patients and doctors to enter into primary care agreements has moved forward. These "direct primary care" agreements generally involve monthly payments between patients -- or patients' employers -- and their doctors. They cover routine medical care without involving insurance companies.

Direct Primary Care Issue Re-Emerges In Florida Senate

Jan 5, 2017

A Senate Republican has filed a proposal that could help clear the way for "direct primary care" agreements in Florida — an issue that received support last year from the House, doctors and small businesses.

House Members Want To Revisit Health Bills

Jan 5, 2017

As House leaders pushed for changes last year in the state's health-care system, they backed the creation of "recovery care centers" and the use of "direct primary care" agreements. But the proposals died among broader disagreements with the Senate about health-care issues.

Florida lawmakers are poised to take up healthcare access and affordability issues, and that includes reviving pieces of a failed state healthcare reform plan. Ambulatory care centers, recovery care centers and direct primary care could get a second look.

Florida House

With the support of doctors and small businesses, the Florida House has unanimously passed a bill that would clear the way for "direct primary care” agreements.

House Ready To Take Up Health Care Agenda

Feb 29, 2016

With Republican leaders pushing for major changes in the health-care system, the House will take up a series of high-profile health issues during a floor session Tuesday.

'Direct Primary Care' Draws Senate Questions

Feb 10, 2016

Senators raised questions Tuesday about a bill that could help doctors and patients enter into what are known as "direct primary care" agreements.

The proposal, which has been moving through the House and Senate, would make clear that direct-primary care agreements are not covered by state insurance laws. Under the agreements, patients or their employers would make monthly payments to doctors for primary-care services, cutting out the role of insurers.

Direct Primary Care Gets Approval In Senate

Feb 2, 2016

With the backing of physician groups and small businesses, a Senate committee Monday approved a bill aimed at clearing the way for "direct primary care" agreements in Florida.

Senate To Take Up High-Profile Health Issues

Feb 1, 2016

With House Republican leaders pushing for a wide range of regulatory changes in the health-care industry, a Senate committee will wade into some of the key issues this week.

Florida lawmakers are seeking a new healthcare option. A direct model could change the way doctors treat their patients.

Certificate of Need, Other Health Issues Emerge Again

Nov 16, 2015
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A House committee next week will start renewing attempts to pass three closely watched health-care bills, including a proposal that would eliminate the "certificate of need" process for hospitals. The longstanding regulatory process, in part, requires state approval of new or expanded hospitals. 

Senate 'Primary Care' Plan Cuts Out Insurers

Aug 18, 2015
Bill Branson / National Cancer Institute

A Senate Republican on Monday filed a proposal that could help lead to doctors and patients entering "direct primary care agreements" that would cut out insurers.

Sen. Denise Grimsley, R-Sebring, filed the bill (SB 132), which largely mirrors a bill (HB 37) filed early this month by Rep. Fred Costello, R-Ormond Beach. The measures will be considered during the 2016 legislative session, which starts in January.

The House during a June special session approved a direct primary-care bill, but the Senate did not take up the measure.

Lawmakers Look Again At 'Direct Primary Care'

Aug 5, 2015
Florida House

After the idea received near-unanimous support from the House during a June special session, a Republican lawmaker this week renewed efforts to help clear the way for doctors and patients to enter into a type of primary-care arrangement that cuts out insurers.

Florida Senate

Bills that involve state workers' health insurance, nurse-practitioners and hospital regulations died during this week's Legislative special session because the Senate has declined to consider them.

Senate Health Policy Chairman Aaron Bean said in a statement Monday evening that his colleagues felt there wasn't time to consider major policy changes by Friday, the last day of the special session called to finish work on a state budget.

The issues contained in the House bills require "a thorough and proper vetting," said Bean, R-Fernandina Beach.

It’s a year of disruption in Florida. Bills targeting the ride-share service Uber, and the room share system Air B&B are moving. Craft Brewers are challenging major distributors for dominance and now some doctors are getting in the disruptive spirit by kicking traditional health insurance to the curb.