You've likely heard about the link between sugar consumption and Type 2 diabetes. But fresh research ties another dietary pattern to increased risk of the disease, too: eating too much red meat.

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For nearly 25 years, the Brandon Outreach Clinic has provided free health care to people who can't get care any other way. The Affordable Care Act is supposed to change that.

Tampa VA Doctor Wins Award for Type 2 Diabetes Research

May 24, 2013

The top medical researcher in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs works at Tampa’s James A. Haley VA Hospital.

Dr. Robert Farese won the 2012 William Middleton Award, which is given for outstanding biomedical research, for his investigation into the causes and possible cure of Type 2 diabetes.

Millions of diabetics prick their fingers and check their glucose levels on home meters several times a day. Now a Food and Drug Administration official says an analysis of the meters' accuracy shows a wide variation -- a caution for those who rely on them, Kaiser Health News reports.

Editors' note: The study this story covers have retracted their work, saying that they made errors in conducting the experiment that invalidate the results. The study prompted controversy when it was published in 2013, and study author Douglas Melton collaborated with some of those critics to figure out where it went wrong.

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The FDA has approved a new drug that would treat Type 2 diabetes in a different way, by flushing insulin out of the body in urine, the New York Times reports.