As the number of opioid overdoses continues climbing in Northeast Florida, a new clinic focused on battling addiction is opening in Springfield, just north of downtown Jacksonville.

Hotel magnate Harris Rosen says he has saved about $240 million over the past 24 years on employee health insurance by offering employees at his seven hotels a fully staffed clinic with low co-pays. See this Q & A with the Orlando Sentinel. 

Daytona Beach News-Journal

Business is booming at for-profit clinics like the Daytona Methadone Treatment Center, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports. While patients say methadone saved their lives, records show fewer than 2 percent of that clinic’s 1,800 patients have kicked their addiction. The ability to profit and that low success rate raises questions about whether the treatment is really best for the patient.  


Gainesville family doctor Ona Colasante, who has been living under a cloud for nearly two years, says it’s too hard to keep staff and patients, the Gainesville Sun reports.