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New DOH Hire Signals New Approach To Children’s Health

Apr 21, 2016

In tapping a distinguished pediatrician as head of its children's medical programs, the Florida Department of Health on Wednesday signaled a new approach to caring for the state's sickest kids.

Lawmakers Seek Changes In Children's Health Program Eligibility

Jan 12, 2016
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After months of controversy, the Florida Department of Health on Monday resumed eligibility screening for the Children's Medical Services program, which serves kids with serious and chronic health conditions.

The Florida Department of Health is moving closer to re-opening the healthcare program for some of the state’s sickest kids. And that could eventually mean some of the 9,000 children dropped from the program could re-enroll.

Children's Health Program To Resume Enrollment Next Month

Dec 9, 2015
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Under fire in the media and the state Senate, the Florida Department of Health on Tuesday took another step toward accepting children into a program that serves kids with "chronic and serious" medical conditions.

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Nneka Campbell spent the third anniversary of her daughter's death at a hearing at the Florida Department of Health in Tallahassee -- to honor, she said, the memory of 10-month-old Amelia, who died of complications following heart surgery at St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach.

Judge Deciding Special-Needs Children Dispute

Aug 26, 2015
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An administrative law judge is considering a challenge to the Florida Department of Health involving the eligibility of children for a state program that provides specialized medical care.

Children's Medical Network Challenged

Jun 29, 2015
Florida Department of Health

The families of four Florida children with special health-care needs have filed a challenge to a new state process that removed them from a program providing services to medically fragile kids.

On Thursday, attorneys for the families filed an administrative challenge to the Florida Department of Health's process, contending that the agency has been screening youngsters out of the Children's Medical Services Network without accepting public input or following other rule-making requirements.

Questions As Kids Moved from Health Program

Jun 9, 2015
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The state last month removed about 2,000 children from a specialized program that provides services to medically fragile kids, finding that they were no longer "clinically eligible" under a new screening process.

But the move by the Department of Health to re-evaluate children in the Children's Medical Services Network is drawing criticism from pediatricians and some children's advocates.