Burmese python

61 Pythons Bagged So Far In Challenge

Jan 27, 2016
Associated Press

Florida wildlife officials say 61 Burmese pythons have been caught so far in a state-sanctioned hunt.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Snake-hunters take note: Authorities are expanding Florida's next public hunt for invasive Burmese pythons into Everglades National Park.

Courtesy of Michelle Rojas

In addition to the invasive Burmese pythons, the North African python is also making its presence known in South Florida, the Tampa Bay Times reports. And they’re not just staying in the swamp. Last month, a 10-foot-long rock python strangled a family’s Siberian husky; the mother of the 12-year-old and 15-year-old who saw it happen says her children are traumatized.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Most drivers wouldn't do what Jason Leon did when he saw a large snake poking its head out of the brush beside the road: He pulled over, grabbed the snake and started pulling.

What he ended up with -- after a tussle and help from his friends -- was a record-setting giant Burmese python, as pictured on HuffPost Miami.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Nearly 400 people from 17 different states have signed up for the 2013 Python Challenge this weekend in the Everglades, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. There are cash prizes for the longest snake, and for the hunter who nabs the most, the Sun-Sentinel reports.