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Trump Claims He Wants Stronger Gun Measures, Doesn’t Say How

Aug 5, 2019
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President Donald Trump claimed Monday he wanted Washington to “come together” after two weekend mass shootings on legislation providing “strong background checks” for gun users, but he provided no details and has reneged on previous promises to strengthen gun laws.

Trump, who will make remarks to the nation later Monday, tweeted about the weekend shootings in Texas and Ohio that left 29 dead and dozens wounded . He said: “We can never forget them, and those many who came before them.”

Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Nikki Fried wants the legislature to provide 77 full time employees to help process background checks for gun licensing.

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Monday questioned how the state office under fellow Republican Adam Putnam went more than a year without completing background checks used to determine if someone could get a concealed-weapons permit.

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Democrats and gun-control advocates took aim Friday at Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam after the Tampa Bay Times reported that a former employee of Putnam’s agency failed for more than a year to conduct national background checks on applications for concealed weapons licenses.

Hundreds of people signed up Tuesday night to be heard on a Leon County firearm ordinance. The county approved a new rule that requires background checks and a waiting period for private guns sales.

The Florida House has passed a bill making it easier for firearm dealers to pay for background checks.

The Pulse Nightclub shooting has galvanized the lesbian gay bisexual and transgender community.  Now a major LGBT advocacy group is putting it’s weight behind gun policy.

The Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence is calling for a special legislative session to implement new gun restrictions after this month’s mass shooting in Orlando.

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As in mass shootings elsewhere, the massacre of 49 people at an Orlando nightclub is raising questions about access to guns — assault rifles, in particular.

Senate Candidate Blames Shootings On D.C. Dysfunction

Jan 7, 2016
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Congressman Patrick Murphy is calling President Barack Obama’s executive order for tougher gun laws long overdue. The Democrat - and U.S. Senate candidate - says with a spike in mass shootings across the country, background checks for gun buyers and licenses for gun sellers are key to preventing more homicides and suicides across the country.

A surge in gun sales is behind a bill to increase the number of sites where gun permits may be filed, according to the Florida Current. Sen. Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby, and Rep. James Grant, R-Tampa, want to allow all county tax collectors to accept applications, as opposed to eight regional locations the state allows now.

Fort Lauderdale Police haven’t been enforcing a county ordinance on criminal background checks at gun shows held in the city because they say a state law won’t let them. But according to legal experts, the police are misinterpreting the law, the Broward Bulldog reports.  


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As Florida lawmakers consider how they’re going to deal with gun violence, Miami-Dade police are trying to figure out why a gun that killed a 4-year-old was in easy reach of her and two other young children, the Miami Herald reports. By law, loaded firearms are supposed to be locked up so children can’t get to them. If they do and that weapon kills them, the responsible person faces a third-degree felony. 

An editorial by the Palm Beach Post says the Florida Legislature should act now to revise a law that doesn’t do enough to keep guns out of the hands of persons who have been hospitalized for treatment of mental illness. he mentally ill.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri supports a Connecticut senator’s bill that would require background checks on ammunition sales, the Tampa Bay Times reports.