Associated Industries of Florida

Workers Comp Rates Could Jump After Court Ruling

May 31, 2016
Florida Office of Insurance Regulation

After a Florida Supreme Court ruling last month that struck down a limit on attorney's fees, workers-compensation insurance rates could go up 17.1 percent, according to a proposal submitted Friday to state regulators.

Expanding Access Called Key In Addressing Health Issues

Apr 27, 2016

Speakers at a health-care "summit" said Tuesday that expanding access to care for more Floridians could save the state money.

The two-day Florida Health Care Affordability Summit, sponsored by the business group Associated Industries of Florida, included lawmakers and experts addressing topics ranging from controlling drug costs to expanding treatment options through technology.

Brian Blanco

Florida's Legislature has twice turned down proposals to provide health insurance for nearly 1 million state residents.  And the new House Speaker on Wednesday said he had “no plans” to expand Medicaid for the people caught in the so-called coverage gap.

But still state business leaders – and some mayors – continue to rally and aim to take another swing at it when the Legislature convenes March 3.

Florida House of Representatives

Efforts to expand who and how health care is provided remain hot topics for Florida business leaders and state legislative leaders.

Bills concerning telemedicine and the expansion of the state’s health care workforce stood front and center at the annual Florida Health Care Affordability Summit in Orlando. The event, sponsored by the Associated Industries of Florida Foundation, is proving to serve as a sort of legislative sneak peak concerning all things health care.

Employers Face Penalty If FL Rejects $

Apr 26, 2013
Nashville Post

Florida businesses have more at stake in the Legislature’s decision on Medicaid expansion than they might realize, tax-policy experts say.  

Florida’s larger employers could face tax penalties of $146 million to $219 million a year if the state says no to federal funds and fails to cover low-income uninsured people via Medicaid, as called for in the Affordable Care Act, says tax-policy expert Brian Haile of Jackson Hewitt Tax Service.

With the Florida House unwilling to accept federal funds to cover 1 million low-income uninsured Floridians, top lawmakers in the Senate say the legislative session could end May 3 with a forfeit of billions of dollars available for Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act.