background check

A bill seeking to make it easier for firearm dealers to pay for the criminal background checks has unanimously passed its first Senate committee.

The Senate unanimously approved a ban on texting-while-driving this morning, the Tampa Bay Times reports. The bill's next stop is the House. 

Tampa Bay Times

Even though seven counties in Florida have laws on the books that regulate background checks at gun shows, they are mostly ineffective, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Law enforcement officials admit they don’t enforce the rule. One gun show organizer says the rule has no impact, since sellers mostly ignore it, too. 

Despite millions of dollars in federal grants to update Florida’s criminal database, it’s in bad condition and people who really shouldn’t get guns are slipping through the cracks, the Palm Beach Post reports. Even if the database is updated, some worry it’s pointless unless Congress acts to close the gun show loophole.

Almost 800,000 people applied for background checks so they could buy guns in Florida last year, the highest number since the Florida Department of Law Enforcement started keeping track.