Patronis Talks Hurricane Michael Insurance Claims, Preventing Cancer In Firefighters

Oct 30, 2019
Originally published on October 29, 2019 5:23 pm

Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis is advocating for a "one-size-fits-all" insurance policy that would apply no matter how a house is damaged.

An Insurance Proposal For Wind And Water

Right now, homeowners can buy insurance for wind or water damage, but Patronis says not everyone has both.

“You would have to literally have a forensic contractor come in to determine could water have done this – could wind have done this? If the slab is there – you know – it’s gone. So where are you going to start,” Patronis says. 

There are still thousands of claims open relating to Hurricane Michael. Patronis says he is preparing a consumer package for the next legislative session.

Preventing Cancer In Firefighters

Patronis also acts as State Fire Marshal and says he's looking to expand a program aimed at preventing cancer in firefighters.

He's handing out buckets of cleaning products.

“In the buckets we got dawn dish washing liquid. We’ve got Visqueen. We’ve got duct tape. We’ve got brushes. We’ve got hoses, and it’s all to change the culture of every single fire station. So what are we doing? We’re working with the legislature to through a grant program to expand this," Patronis says.

The National Fire Protection Association says firefighters who clean their gear might be able to lower their chances of getting cancer. A study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health shows firefighters have a higher cancer risk. Officials say that’s because when buildings burn, chemicals are released and firefighters are exposed to them. 

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