Officials Report Overdoses, Curfew Violations In Palm Beach County

Sep 12, 2017
Originally published on September 10, 2017 6:00 pm

As Hurricane Irma continued to lash South Florida Sunday, Palm Beach County first responders were maintaining order despite some challenges.

Palm Beach County officials say 43 people have been charged with violating a county-wide curfew in effect due to Hurricane Irma. And at emergency shelters, opioids have been a problem.

“There have been two overdoses,” said Aronberg. “[The victims] have been saved and treated medically.”

Aronberg said the two victims were revived with an overdose reversal drug.

Another woman fatally overdosed on heroin Saturday night at The Inn at Boynton in Boynton Beach.

And in Fort Lauderdale, a group was caught on camera looting a sporting goods store. Nine individuals were arrested by police for the break-in.

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