Mom Who Drove Kids Into Ocean in Court

Dec 16, 2014

A South Carolina mother who drove her three children into the ocean off Daytona Beach will learn her fate during a court hearing on her mental health.

During Tuesday's hearing in Daytona Beach, psychologists who treated 33-year-old Ebony Wilkerson will offer their opinion on whether she needs to be forcibly hospitalized for treatment.

If Circuit Judge Leah Case decides no hospitalization is required, Wilkerson could be released under the court's supervision.

The judge ruled last week that Wilkerson was not guilty by reason of insanity to child abuse. Prosecutors, in turn, dropped three attempted murder counts. Both the judge and Wilkerson's lawyer say the hearing and last week's plea are unusual.

Wilkerson drove her van into the surf off Daytona Beach in March. Bystanders and officers pulled her and her children from the van.