Businesses Want Protection From Coronavirus Related Lawsuits

Apr 23, 2020
Originally published on April 22, 2020 3:58 pm

Businesses wants legislators to limit coronavirus related lawsuits unless there is intentional misconduct.  AJ de Moya is the Vice President of The de Moya Group, Incorporated, a highway and bridge construction company. He’s part of the Governors Reopening Task Force. He says one legislator is already looking into the issue.

“Sen. [Jeff] Brandes tweeted out remarks that he’s going to draft legislation that would shield Florida from job killing frivolous lawsuits, and that is important right now," de Moya said. "I got some friends of mine that run DOW 30 companies in Florida and they are concerned that opening their office space will put them at traumatic risk.”

De Moya is worried businesses could see lawsuits build up if an asymptomatic person were to spread the virus in their business.

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