77%Of Florida Voters Support Medical Marijuana, According to Poll

Oct 12, 2016
Originally published on October 11, 2016 5:31 pm

Seventy-seven percent of Florida voters support medical marijuana, according to a new survey of likely voters. The University of North Florida poll shows broad support for expanding access to the drug, which is currently available to people with certain chronic illnesses. UNF pollster Michael Binder says the results bode well for proponents of Constitutional Amendment 2, who need the support of 60% of voters in order to pass the measure.

“Everybody is supportive of this, across all age groups. Even the 65 and older groups are 70% supportive of this. This isn’t just 18 year olds that are pro-pot. Senior citizens, Republicans, democrats alike, everybody is much more supportive of this than not,” Binder said.

A similar initiative failed in 2014, just missing the passage threshold with 58% of the vote.

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