Lucielle Salomon

Student Intern

Lucielle Salomon is a Mass Communication student at the University of South Florida. Prior to entering USF, she went to the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra in Dominican Republic. Lucielle writes for the online magazine Her Campus and is part of Toastmasters International. She is also a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

USF's School of Public Affairs and Nielsen released more results of their annual Sunshine State Survey today. These are the numbers on how Floridians feel about recreational marijuana.

USF Professor Susan MacManus says two-thirds of Floridians believe that the approval of the medicinal marijuana amendment will lead to legalizing pot, while less than one-third disagree.

 USF's School of Public Affairs and Nielsen's latest results on their annual Sunshine State Survey was released today, asking how Floridians feel about crime and environmental issues.

USF Political Scientist Dr. Susan MacManus said 46 percent of Floridians are in favor of making current gun laws more restrictive, while a slight majority see no reason to do so.

"This question really reflects racial, ethnic, gender and age divide in the state," she said.