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Letter: Under Proper Care, No Difficulty Filling Prescriptions

To The Editor:

I understand Health News Florida did not write the story on pharmacies being allocated narcotics, however, I think a disservice to the citizens of Florida to have it be a lead story.

The "narcotics for pain" marketing started almost 20 years ago.  In part, I have written blogs on the definition of a "legitimate patient." The legitimate patient is only legitimate as long as they remain dependent on the drugs and don't surpass their desperate monthly search for the drugs.

There remains nothing in the medical literature supporting long term use of narcotics for chronic pain.  There being "no ceiling" should be referred to for the addiction process and not for the search for pain relief.  I continue to hope the media would stop being duped by the mass marketing of narcotics for pain relief. 

A person with proper medical care does not have any trouble filling their prescriptions.  The problem arises from doctors whose sole specialty is distributing narcotics for a monthly fee.  We have pharmacies who rely on getting as many narcotics as possible to stay in business.  Nobody had heard of "pain management" until the advent of OxyContin and the myth of pain management continues thanks to an unsuspecting and compassionate press who continues to be fooled because of their compassion.

I think you should search out people who have stopped taking the drugs and find themselves leading a rewarding life again.  I have never met anyone who wasn't proud to be able to kick the drug habit, either legal or illegal.

I am a strong admirer of HNF and you offer a valuable service to Florida.  My interests remain in the legal narcotic distribution that is harming thousands of lives.  I hope this note gives you a perspective on pharma and realize their narcotic distributing minions continue to be successful at the promotion of legal narcotics using unsuspecting reporters.

Larry Golbom
The Prescription Addiction Radio Show - Breaking the Silence


Originally founded in December 2006 as an independent grassroots publication dedicated to coverage of health issues in Florida, Health News Florida was acquired by WUSF Public Media in September 2012.