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Cut Ag Subsidies, Not Food Stamps

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel editorial board argues that Congress would be making a mistake if it inflicts deep cuts in the SNAP program, formerly known as food stamps, at a time when there still aren't enough jobs to go around. The cuts under discussion would remove 400,000 Floridians from the rolls.

If cuts are needed, the editorial says, Congress should look at the bloated budget for agriculture subsidies, which amount to corporate welfare. The food stamp program benefits one in five Floridians, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the Sun-Sentinel says. Yet it represents less than one-sixth of the spending in the multi-year farm bill.

The Sun-Sentinel says the move to cut $39 billion from food stamps over 10 years and make it harder to qualify is being led by state Rep. Steve Southerland, a Republican from the Florida Panhandle.

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