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Affordable Care Act

Enough Compromises With Health Law, Already


Lake Worth-based consultant Paul Gionfriddo writes at his blog Our Health Policy Matters this week that Congress should leave its paws off the Affordable Care Act, rather than add to the list of compromises that have already weakened the law.

As he notes, six major provisions have already been delayed or canceled, including repeal of the long-term care insurance program and delay of the requirement that large employers cover their workers or pay a penalty. In fact, one of the most important pieces of the act -- a requirement that states expand Medicaid to cover the working poor -- was set aside by the Supreme Court.

Now there are three more changes in the bill stage that would weaken the law. Gionfriddo says that instead of caving in to Republicans and special interests, Democrats ought to stick to their positions. It's all about leadership, he says.