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Doctor Lost License, Still Advertising. Why?

Columnist Tom Lyons of the Sarasota Herald Tribunewrites for the umpteenth time about Leonard Rubinstein, whose medical license was revoked after a long string of second chances did nothing to deter his financial exploitation of patients (paywall alert).

Lyons says he thought Rubinstein's medical career was over, but apparently not so. He's still advertising medical services with ads that list him as an M.D. and say he's a respected expert in cosmetic surgery techniques.

If others are doing the breast augmentations and liposuctions that he advertises, Lyons writes, you can't tell that from the ads.  Or maybe he has started practicing somewhere with less stringent rules.

In any event, Lyons notes that Rubinstein was arrested in Orlando last month for trying to board a plane to Brazil with a loaded handgun in his carry-on bag. A police report says Rubinstein, 59, told police he forgot the pistol was in his bag. He was released on $250 bond.

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