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Glitch blocked Monday’s e-Alert

If you're a subscriber to Health News Florida's e-Alerts, you know to expect one each Monday full of headlines from the weekend. That didn't happen yesterday.

Our staff compiled it and hit the "send" button, but it got stalled by the vendor, MailChimp. After much back-and-forth e-mailing, I still don't know what the problem was. MailChimp assured me that the problem has been resolved.

We'll see. All we can do is hope!

We've added Tuesday's headlines to yesterday's e-Alert and we'll try it again. We apologize for the delay.

--Health News Florida is an independent online publication dedicated to journalism in the public interest. Editor Carol Gentry can be reached at 727-410-3266 or by e-mail.

Carol Gentry, founder and special correspondent of Health News Florida, has four decades of experience covering health finance and policy, with an emphasis on consumer education and protection.