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How do emotions affect the heart?

Part 1 of TED Radio Hour episode: Heartache

Cardiologist Sandeep Jauhar explains a case where deep grief caused takotsubo cardiomyopathy—also called "broken heart syndrome." He examines the connection emotions have with our most vital organ.

About Sandeep Jauhar

Sandeep Jauhar is a practicing cardiologist and the Director of the Heart Failure Program at Northwell Health's Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

In addition to his medical practice, Jauhar is a New York Times best-selling author and currently a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times.

His most recent book, Heart: A History, tells the little-known stories of the doctors who risked their careers — and the patients who risked their lives — to understand our most vital organ. The book also confronts the limits of medical technology, arguing that future progress will be determined more by how we choose to live rather than by any device we invent.

Jauhar holds a BA and PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MD from the Washington University in St. Louis.

This segment of TED Radio Hour was produced by Katie Monteleone and edited by Sanaz Meshkinpour and Rachel Faulkner. You can follow us on Facebook @TEDRadioHourand email us at

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