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Andrew Pelling: How Can Plants Help Rebuild The Human Body?

Part 3 of theTED Radio HourepisodeRevitalize

An ear made from an apple, a spinal cord rebuilt using asparagus ... it sounds like bizarre science fiction. But Andrew Pelling is working on a way to revive human tissue with a trip to the supermarket.

About Andrew Pelling

Andrew Pelling is a biophysicist and professor at the University of Ottawa's Department of Physics. He is the co-founder of biomedical research at the Pelling Lab for Augmented Biology, known for its discovery that plant tissues can be harnessed to regenerate human cells.

He also serves as co-founder and chief scientific officer of Spiderwort, a company that produces plant-based biomaterials.

Pelling received a B.S. in Biological Chemistry from University of Toronto, and Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from University of California, Los Angeles.

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