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A Myth Of Masculinity: The Truth About Testosterone

John Ryder straps up during a Media Workout at Matchroom Boxing Gym on November 07, 2019 in Brentwood, England.
Alex Davidson/Getty Images
The Florida Channel
Leon County Judge John Cooper on June 30, 2022, in a screen grab from The Florida Channel.

Most people are familiar with the molecule known as testosterone. But how many actually understand it?

Testosterone is not the male sex hormone. It doesn’t drive aggression. Athletes don’t necessarily benefit if they have more of it.

Where do these myths come from? Why are they so pervasive? And will our understanding of the hormone change as our understanding of masculinity evolves?

Produced by Kathryn Fink.


Rebecca Jordan-Young, Sociomedical scientist; professor of women’s, gender and sexuality studies, Barnard College; author, “Testosterone: An Unauthorized Biography”

Katrina Karkazis, Cultural anthropologist; Carol Zicklin endowed chair, Honors Academy, Brooklyn College; senior research fellow, Global Health Justice Partnership, Yale University; author, “Testosterone: An Unauthorized Biography”; @Karkazis

Thomas Page McBee, Journalist; author, “Man Alive,” “Amateur”; @ThomasPageMcBee

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