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How Do Stereotypes Of Mental Health Affect Us?

Part 2 of the TED Radio Hour episode Headspace.

About Alix Generous' TED Talk

Twenty-three-year-old Alix Generous describes her years-long journey through misdiagnosis in the mental health system and how it affected her sense of confidence and self-worth.

About Alix Generous

Alix Generous is a student, mental health advocate and researcher who is passionate about molecular biology and neuroscience. She encourages people like her to share their intelligence and insights.

She is co-owner of the startup AutismSees, which develops technology to help all kinds of people give presentations and be better prepared for job or college interviews.

As a student, Generous has published her research on coral reefs in the journal Consilience. She has also served as a youth delegate for the UN Convention of Climate Change (COP19).

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