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What's A Better Way To Detect Cancer?

Part 1 of theTED Radio Hour episode Fighting Cancer

About Jorge Soto's TED Talk

We often discover cancer after it's too late to treat. Jorge Soto is in the process of creating a simple, fast and cheap method for early cancer detection and all it takes is a few drops of blood.

About Jorge Soto

Jorge Soto is a cancer technologist and CTO of Miroculus, a company devoted to designing an inexpensive method of detecting cancer before it is too late to treat. They hope to create a device that can give top-tier medical access to all, regardless of physical and socioeconomic boundaries. Soto is a graduate of both Tec de Monterrey and Singularity University. In September 2013, he returned to Mexico to help the President's Office develop strategies and projects that encourage civic participation, transparency, accountability and innovation in Mexico, and improve the communication between citizens and their institutions.

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