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Juan Enriquez: Are We Evolving Into Various Species?

Part 6 of the TED Radio Hour episode How It All Began.

About Juan Enriquez's TED Talk

Gene editing now allows us to edit our DNA faster and more precisely. So what does it mean for humans? Futurist Juan Enriquez says the reality of evolving into various species is becoming more likely.

About Juan Enriquez

Juan Enriquez is currently the Managing Director at Excel Venture Management, a life sciences venture capital firm. He is the founding director of Harvard Business School's Life Sciences Project. Formerly, he was Chairman and CEO of Biotechonomy LLC, a life sciences research and investment firm.

He previously served as CEO of Mexico City's Urban Development Corporation, Coordinator General of Economic Policy and Chief of Staff for Mexico's Secretary of State.

His work has been published in the Harvard Business Review, Foreign Policy, Science Magazine,and The New York Times. He is also the author of As the Future Catches You: How Genomics & Other Forces are Changing Your Life, Work, Health & Wealth, and co-author of Evolving Ourselves: Redesigning the Future of Humanity- One Gene at a Time.

Enriquez received a McKinsey Prize in 2000. He holds a B.A. and MBA from Harvard University.

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