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Changes Sought In Medicaid Managed Care

Agency for Health Care Administration

A Senate Republican has filed a proposal that would revamp Florida's Medicaid managed-care system, including changing how HMOs and other health plans are spread across the state.

The bill (SB 916) was filed Monday by Sen. Denise Grimsley, R-Sebring, and comes as the state Agency for Health Care Administration prepares to move forward with a process that will lead to new contracts with Medicaid managed-care plans.

In passing a 2011 law that shifted to a statewide managed-care system, the Legislature divided the state into 11 different regions. AHCA then contracted with varying numbers of health plans in the regions. Grimsley's bill, in part, would reduce the number of regions from 11 to eight and spell out the number of plans that could receive contracts in each region.

As an example, the bill would create a massive North Florida region that would stretch from Escambia County on the west to Madison County on the east and would go as far south as Taylor County.

Under the bill, AHCA would contract with two to four health plans to serve that region. The bill will be considered during the legislative session that starts March 7.