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Legal Battles Loom As Pulse Victims Receive $350,000 Each


Money from the OneOrlando Fund will start going to victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting, despite a lawsuit trying to block disbursement.  A judge will hear a request next week to block payments until the fund has been audited.

But that’s not the only legal battle over the money.

The estates of the 49 persons who lost their lives will each receive $350,000, and fund administrators say at least half of those are fighting over claims. If the claims aren’t immediately resolved, then they will be sent to probate court. Fund Administrator Ken Feinberg says legal wrangling goes with the territory.

According to a spreadsheet released by fund administrators, eight victims who spent at least 24 days in the hospital will receive $300,000 each. There are 182 claimants who were at the club but not injured who will each receive $25,000.

All of the money is expected to go out by Friday, but a survivor is trying to block distribution of the money until there’s an audit. Attorney Paul Zeniewitz is seeking the audit on behalf of survivor Jillian Amador. He’s concerned that the amount raised for the fund seems low and the number of qualified claimants seems high.

A gunman killed 49 and injured more than 50 others at the Pulse nightclub