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CDC Releases New Guidelines For Treating Zika


The Centers for Disease Control released new guidelines for treating Zika, Monday.

Reports suggest all healthcare providers caution both men and women, to practice safe sex after a female-to-male Zika case was recorded in New York.

Dr. Antonio Crespo is an infectious disease specialist at Orlando Health.

He cautions LGBTQ women to also practice safe sex, if their partner is planning to get pregnant.

“We’re still learning about this virus so this new development shows there will still be a risk,” Crespo said.

New CDC research also allows for longer testing periods for pregnant women, who may show signs of the Zika virus.

The use of blood and urine test will expand the timeframe from one week to two weeks, from the time symptoms first appear.

“It will, I believe, decrease the anxiety of a lot of women, who feel they might have been exposed to the Zika virus, and maybe they were not,” Crespo said.

On Monday the Florida Department of Health announced five new travel-related cases. Two of which, were in Miami-Dade, one in Okaloosa, one in Orange and one involving a pregnant woman.