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Florida Hospital For Women By The Numbers

Leon County Judge John Cooper on June 30, 2022, in a screen grab from The Florida Channel.
The Florida Channel
Florida Hospital for Women is expected to open in late January with 332 beds.

With Florida Hospital for Women getting ready to open next month, we take a look at some of the key numbers to know. 

Florida Hospital for Women:

  • Has 332 beds for labor and delivery, post-partum and high-risk mothers
  • At 12 stories tall, has 400,000 square feet of space. That means 15 UCF Student Unions would fit inside
  • Is expected to serve 20,000 women in its first year
  • Total project cost was $180 million

And if you’re wondering why Florida Hospital is targeting women, consider this: Florida Hospital dominates Central Florida with more than half of all hospital cases. But the one area where it lags behind its biggest competitor Orlando Health is newborns. There, Orlando Health dominates with half of the market.
“A brand new facility with hotel-like amenities is going to be a clear attraction,” said Michael Carroll, a hospital analyst with Tribrook Healthcare Consulting. “Florida Hospital clearly has visions of capturing additional market share.”

Florida Hospital Vice President Kari Vargas said the hospital will have options for women looking for more natural births.

“They’ll have the option to have a more midwife-based delivery if they desire that, because we’ll have midwives on board,” Vargas said. “We have four rooms dedicated to a midwifery model. They have large bathtubs, lots of room for family in the room, lots of room for the patient to walk around.”

Florida Hospital for Women will open in phases. It’s Florida Hospital’s largest investment in women’s health care.

-- Reporter Abe Aboraya is part of WMFE in Orlando. Health News Florida receives support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Health News Florida reporter Abe Aboraya works for WMFE in Orlando. He started writing for newspapers in high school. After graduating from the University of Central Florida in 2007, he spent a year traveling and working as a freelance reporter for the Seattle Times and the Seattle Weekly, and working for local news websites in the San Francisco Bay area. Most recently Abe worked as a reporter for the Orlando Business Journal. He comes from a family of health care workers.