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Spanish Language Marketplace Site Up, But Not Running

Some Florida Latinos are waiting on the Affordable Care Act’s Spanish language website to become available so they can sign up for coverage. 

The Spanish-language version of,, was supposed to be up and running this past Monday, but instead, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is directing users to its Spanish call center.

Altamonte Springs resident Miriam Lopez said she heard it’s better to apply online, so she’s been reluctant to enroll by phone.

“So maybe I might, I’m waiting, if I can’t apply online, because they say it’s going to be soon, so I might call, or I might go to the places that they have for help,” Lopez said. 

Lopez said when she clicked through the website she found a list of local places she could go to for face to face Spanish language help.

HHS Press Secretary Fabien Levy told WMFE via email that market research shows Latinos prefer personalized assistance over enrolling online, and that 70 percent of Latinos will apply in English. is an important component in the Affordable Care Act. An estimated 10 million Latinos are eligible for health insurance, and their enrollment is considered critical to the Affordable Care Act’s overall success.