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Florida grand jury probing COVID vaccine issues asks for an extension

Ivan Diaz

The grand jury issued an interim report Feb. 2 and is asking the state Supreme Court for an extension through Dec. 26.

A statewide grand jury probing issues related to COVID-19 vaccines has asked the Florida Supreme Court to extend its term for six months.

Gov. Ron DeSantis initially requested the Supreme Court impanel the grand jury. It was impaneled June 26 in Hillsborough County for a year, according to a petition filed Monday seeking an extension.

The grand jury issued an interim report Feb. 2 and is seeking an extension through Dec. 26.

“The statewide grand jury has diligently conducted its investigation regarding the issues identified by this honorable court's (Supreme Court’s) order, several of which have required investigation outside of the state,” the petition, filed by statewide prosecutor Nicholas Cox’s office, said.

“Despite its diligent efforts, including the issuance of an interim report, the statewide grand jury has not completed its investigation at this time. A significant amount of work remains that may not be completed before the expiration of the term.”