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A discussion of cardiovascular health for American Health Month


This episode’s panel discusses cardiovascular health, and later a look at safe sex practices for people 60 and older.

February is American Health Month, a time when everyone should focus on their cardiovascular health.

Joining the program are husband-and-wife cardiologists at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Drs. Peter and Amy Pollak.

Afterward, “Never Too Late: Your Guide to Safer Sex after 60,.” a book by family physician Dr. Shannon Dowler, who joins the program.

"What's Health Got to Do with It?" is a talk program from WJCT in Jacksonville that examines the intersection of health care and daily life.

The host is neurologist Dr. Joe Sirven.

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Brendan Rivers comes to WJCT News with years of experience reporting and hosting news for several stations in the Daytona Beach area.