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7 tips for eating more at home from dietitian/nutritionist Wendy Wesley

On The Zest podcast, Wesley offers practical advice to get you cooking and eating more at home — which can benefit both your wallet and your waistline.

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The COVID-19 pandemic upended a lot of our habits, including one that Wendy Wesley observed.

“During the pandemic, people turned to food for entertainment,” noticed Wendy, a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist based in St. Petersburg.

Many people downloaded meal delivery apps and got into the habit of outsourcing their food. Some of Wesley’s clients eat in restaurants or order takeout up to a dozen times per week.

“The reward for staying locked in was restaurant food,” Wendy says. But bank accounts and waistlines took a hit. Now, many of Wesley’s clients have turned to her to help them get out of their restaurant rut and back to preparing food at home.

In this episode of The Zest podcast, she explains some practical steps to get back to cooking at home.

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Dalia Colón is excited to return to WUSF as producer of the Zest podcast. From 2010 to 2014, Dalia covered health and features for WUSF. Before that, she was a staff reporter for the Tampa Bay Times and Cleveland Magazine.