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Can Orange Juice Help Your Mood? Florida's Struggling Citrus Industry Wants To Know

Citrus fruit
Amy Green
The Florida Channel
Citrus fruit

By News Service of Florida

Amid ongoing struggles in Florida's citrus industry, the Department of Citrus appears to be turning attention to studying orange juice consumption. 

The department said Tuesday it is looking for three separate studies that would assess various aspects of orange juice consumption, including how it can affect people’s moods when drinking it as a snack.

According to a bid notice, the state wants to conduct a pilot study to “assess nutrient intake, satiety and sensory and mood perceptions related to the consumption of 100% Orange Juice as a snack.”

All proposals for this study will be made public on Sept. 4. The department also wants a “systematic review and research gap analysis for Hesperidin,” which is a type of plant pigment found primarily in unripe citrus fruits that can act as an antioxidant and produce anti-inflammatory effects.

Proposals on the study would be made public Aug. 27. The department also is seeking bid proposals for a study on the “association between 100% orange juice intake and neurocognitive health,” which would be made public on Aug. 20.

The department did not immediately respond to requests for comment about the studies. But the results could potentially be used in efforts to market the industry. In recent years, Florida’s citrus industry suffered major damage in Hurricane Irma and has battled deadly citrus-greening disease.