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Every day, hundreds of sick and injured patients walk into free and charitable clinics around the Tampa Bay area in need of a doctor.Many are suffering from chronic conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Some patients were referred to the clinics by staff at hospitals where they landed after years of neglecting to care for treatable conditions.The clinics allow the patients to pay what they can, or nothing at all. They are staffed by doctors and nurses who volunteer their time. They survive off donations and small grants.Many of the patients have jobs but they are living paycheck to paycheck. None have health insurance, either because they do not qualify for Medicaid or can’t afford private coverage. For these patients, the clinics are often their only option for primary care.

To Help People With PTSD, Parkland Asks Residents Not To Explode Personal Fireworks On July 4

Illegal fireworks are any that explode or fire into the air, according to Florida law.
Illegal fireworks are any that explode or fire into the air, according to Florida law.

The City of Parkland has been asking people in email blasts and on social media not to explode personal fireworks during their Fourth of July celebrations on Thursday out of respect for people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD

Symptoms of PTSD can be triggered by unexpected loud noises, including fireworks.

The city's mayor, Christine Hunschofsky, said it's part of being a good neighbor in any city, but especially in Parkland as people are still healing after last year's school shooting. 

"We have students and teachers who've been at Marjory Stoneman Douglas who get triggered, but we also have veterans in the community and pets," she said. 

The Eagles' Haven Wellness Center in Coral Springs released a tip sheet for coping during the Fourth of July, which includes using ear protection, deep breathing, and making a plan with people you trust. 

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Hunschofsky is encouraging people to celebrate in other ways instead of shooting off their own fireworks, most of which are still illegal in Florida if they leave the ground or explode. (Here's a list of all of the sparklers that are legally approved by the state for 2019-2020.)

"If you want to enjoy the fireworks, please go to a planned community event," she said. "You know, leave the fireworks to the experts, it's just much safer."

Parkland does not have a city event. However, the fireworks show in Coral Springs is expected to start at 9 p.m. Thursday night  in Mullins Park.

Read more from Hunschofsky's July message to residents about fireworks, below:

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