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New AHCA Secretary Looks To ‘Move The Needle’

The newly confirmed head of the Agency for Health Care Administration.
The Florida Channel
The new secretray of the Agency for Health Care Administration, Mary Mayhew, said that she "recognizes that far too often safety nets become frayed and the needs of our most vulnerable go unmet." Mayhew said she would ensure that Medicaid is protected.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is committed to protecting the state’s Medicaid program for needy residents through evidence-based medicine, Mary Mayhew, his choice to run the Agency for Health Care Administration, said Monday. 

Addressing members of the Senate Health Policy Committee, Mayhew said DeSantis “recognizes that far too often safety nets become frayed and the needs of our most vulnerable go unmet.” Mayhew said she will focus her efforts on ensuring that Medicaid provides incentives for evidence-based medicine and best practices.

“That is clearly part of my vision, part of the governor’s vision, to move the needle to support high-quality care efficiently delivered,” she said. “And that’s not just a phrase, but that we have meaningful, objective data to support that we are providing that access and creating that accountability.”

The Agency for Health Care Administration administers Medicaid and is charged with regulation of health-care facilities ranging from nursing homes and hospitals to abortion clinics. Mayhew told senators she will re-evaluate the agency to ensure it is efficiently regulating facilities.

“I believe in a culture of continuous process and quality improvement,” she said.

DeSantis announced in December that Mayhew was his choice to run the agency. Prior to heading to Florida, Mayhew served in a top Medicaid position in President Donald Trump’s administration.

Trump brought her into his administration after she ran unsuccessfully for governor in Maine, where she had served as commissioner of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services.

Mayhew spoke to committee members for about five minutes Monday. Senators didn’t ask Mayhew any questions, but she will appear before the committee again during her Senate confirmation process.