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Safety Concerns Raised After Elementary Students Plot Murder

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Safety concerns are growing after TPD released details from a case involving two elementary students who planned to murder their classmate. 

The Tallahassee Police Department released a 34-page report Wednesday detailing an incident in December regarding two students who plotted to murder a classmate at Roberts Elementary School. 

Damon Miller is a spokesperson with TPD. He says multiple students knew about the plan.

“It turns out that one of the students brought some tools to the schools and actually planned out the act of harming that student and again that did not occur. We being the Tallahassee police department consulted with the state attorney’s office and the ultimate result was that the students were given civil citations,” says Miller. 

Back in August Leon County Schools debuted the SAFE Program. It screens students for signs of trouble and sends flagged students to an intervention program.

But the SAFE Program was not activated in this situations, Chris Petley, a spokesperson with Leon County Public Schools says that’s because of timing.

“The one wrinkle with this is being that it occurred during the after school program, so that it wasn’t during the normal operations of the school, it was after school. But I will say again once some of the students got word of what was taken place and realized the seriousness of the rumors they reported it to their administrators,” says Petley. 

Leon County School officials and the Tallahassee Police Department are urging students to tell an adult if they see anything suspicious.

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