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State Issues Conservation Guidelines For Imperiled Species

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is making its way through its list of 57 of the state’s imperiled species, issuing voluntary guidelines to help landowners and other interested parties with the animals’ conservation.

The agency recently approved guidelines for another nine species. The animals that the agency hopes will benefit from the guidelines include a frog found mainly at Eglin Air Force Base; a tiny fish that in Florida is found only in the Escambia River; and more recognizable species like the roseate spoonbill and the little blue heron.

Habitat loss and degradation, pollution and invasive species have taken a toll on these animals.

The guidelines offer ways for landowners and others to help conserve the imperiled species. For example, for the wading birds they include avoiding pesticides and fertilizers, and maintaining foraging habitat and wetlands.

FWC leaders plan to approve guidelines for the rest of the 57 threatened and endangered species in 2019.

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