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Former Judge Expects Fewer Death Penalty Sentences In Florida


A former chief judge says the number of future death penalty recommendations will likely drop now that a unanimous jury recommendation is required.

Attorney Belvin Perry Jr. was Chief Judge of the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court. He’s been following Florida’s legal tug-of-war over the death penalty that ended when Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill that requires a unanimous jury recommendation.

The legal wrangling brought executions in Florida to a standstill. And Perry says needing a unanimous jury will slow them down.

“It’s not difficult to persuade 12 people if the evidence is there to determine guilt or innocence. The heavy lifting comes in when you try to convince 12 people that an individual needs to die for the crime that they have committed. And all you need now is one person to disagree,” said Perry.

Perry expects a number of cases with only a majority of jurors recommending the death penalty will have to make their way back to court.